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Oman Trademark Registration

Basic Fees (One mark one class)
Search: USD 450 Application: USD 1,220 Registration: USD 500

The legal basis of Oman trademark is the Industrial Property Rights Law. Oman is a member of the Paris Convention and the Madrid Protocol. Oman adopts first-to-file basis for trademark application. A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application and could be renewed for 10 years before the expiry date.


Fees (USD)

Word mark search (optional)


Application (20 items)

- Each class




* Each item in excess of 20 will be charged with an extra fee of USD10.

All fees above are exclusive of bank charge, courier fee and tax, if any.

  1. A Power of Attorney (to be provided by Kaizen) signed by the applicant and legalized up to Oman Consulate in applicant’s country.
  2. A duly completed trademark search/registration order form (to be provided by Kaizen).
  3. A soft copy of the trademark in JPEG format or 15 prints of the trademark.
  4. A simply valid copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of Good Standing or an extract of entry in the Commercial Register for corporation along with its English translation. A simply valid copy of Trade License or Commercial Register for individual along with its English translation.
  5. A certified copy of priority document along with its English translation has to be submitted within three month from the date of application when priority is claimed (extra charge will be charged for filing priority claim documents).

  1. Kaizen acknowledges the information including the specimens of mark, its goods/services and registration details, then provides the latest quotation, preliminary advice and classifies your goods/services;
  2. After the quotation has been confirmed, client will be required to complete our Trademark Search/ Registration Order Form and send it back to Kaizen by email, fax or post;
  3. Once receipt of the payment for pre-filing search, Kaizen will conduct the pre-filing search (if requested). The search report will be sent to client within 15 working days (based on the duration of the official search);
  4. Client could refer to our analysis and suggestion in the search report and decide whether to file the application. Kaizen will file trademark application to Oman Intellectual Property Department upon receipt of your payment and instruction;
  5. Oman Intellectual Property Department will conduct a search of the trademarks records to see if the same or similar trademark has already been registered or been applied for by another trader in the same or similar class. They will also see if the trademark satisfies the registration requirements laid down in the Industrial Property Rights Law. If the requirements for registration are not met, the Examiner will object to the mark;
  6. Once your trademark has been accepted for registration, it will be published on the Ministry, Official Gazette and newspaper;
  7. If no objection by a third party, a registration certificate will be issued by Oman Intellectual Property Department. We will review and send the certificate to you.
Currently it takes around 7-9 months to get a trademark registered in Oman in a smooth case.

Payment Term and Payment Method
Our fees for each stage of an application are to be invoiced and settled before the commencement of each stage of service. If a China or Taiwan Value-Added Tax invoice is required, 7.5% or 5% additional charge will be incurred.

We currently accept cheque, cash, TT and credit card through Paypal (5% additional charge will incur for paypal). Please click here for payment methods.

Refund Policy
No refund of fees will be made after the commencement of services. For example, if we have already conducted the pre-filing search and the search result indicates that there is an identical mark already in the register, the application for filing should not be proceeded, the fees for pre-filing search will not be refunded. Or we have already filed an application and the application is being objected and refused by the USPTO or any other party, there will not be any refunded of fees.

In any case you pay us our fees for all three stages of an application, and the search result indicates that there is an identical mark already in the register, the application for filing should not be proceeded, the fees for services not performed, i.e., filing for application and issuing of certificate of registration will be refunded, after deducting bank wiring charge.